M1R05LXWX is a genderless creature that takes its identity as partly human, animal and cyborg. The video explores a fabricated world in which alienation, the need to belong and the urge to withdraw predominate. The alter ego tries to connect its identities in a dystopia in which a glimmer of hope shines through.
In M1R05LXWX, the eponymous alter ego represents the concept of acute social withdrawal. In Japan, there is a special term for this phenomenon, hikikomori, which can be translated as  "drawing in" or "being confined". The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare defines individuals suffering from hikikomori as people who refuse to leave their homes and thus isolate themselves from society for more than six months. Although the phenomenon only has a special name in Japan, the problem occurs worldwide.
The video shows an interplay of text, internet images and images from my immediate environment, projected in my bedroom.

This blue screen is my death
I'm domesticated by my parents
Raised in the age of .com
I start touching real bodies
Destructing them in the process
Sometimes I love being in my body
Other times I scratch myself till it bleeds
The sharp metal
The wound itches
Your touch repairing my skin